A shot from Zukari's tank: Zukari

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kla posted New Feature: Aquarium Logs on kla
2012-12-28 13:51:59 -0800

We recently added a new feature to the site to help you track your tank's parameters. You'll be able to record and track all of your parameters and view how they've changed over time in a nice graph. The system will visually alert you when any of your parameters fall outside of the ranges that have been defined for each. For example, if your Calcium is too low it will be displayed in red and you'll see it outside of the safe blue area on the graph. Finally, you'll be able to add "events" (basically notes) to keep track of maintenance performed, equipment changes, dosing or really anything that you don't want to spam your main tank profile page with.

To get started just go to your tank's page and click on the link near the top right.

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klm posted Article Roundup on klm
2012-12-21 09:24:22 -0800



When looking for a tank, there are many things to consider. To start off the larger the tank, the more fish you can have, this can also mean the more types of fish you can have. When purchasing a tank, you can go anywhere you trust. Many people can find deals on Craigslist you could also try r/Aquaswap on reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/AquaSwap/). Once you have your tank make sure you test it out to make sure it won’t leak (do this outside of your house so you don’t ruin your floors). The easier tanks for beginners range from 15 to 55 gallons so those will be focused on (keep in mind most fish like to swim side to side or laterally/horizontally, not vertically so a longer tank is generally better than a tall hexagonal one. Also a long one is easier to clean.) . You will need a stand for your aquarium, for viewing ease as well as cleaning ease. Make sure the stand can support the weight of the aquarium. Water weighs around 8 pounds a gallon and you will have a lot of gravel in the tank as well.

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kla posted Site Updates (5/9) on kla
2012-05-09 20:51:01 -0700

There have been lots of changes to the site since the last update. Some of the notable ones are below:

  • New design for the aquarium gallery
  • Aquariums are now rateable
  • Much improved activity feeds for profile and aquarium pages
  • Post to your profile page when things happen (such as someone commenting on your aquarium)

Many more changes still on the way! If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact us.

clay posted Site Updates (4/19) on clay
2012-04-20 20:20:59 -0700

We pushed out several updates over the past week based on some feedback we have gotten and there are a few more in the pipe line.

  • Added Videos Page: This will pull various Youtube channels and aggregate all fishkeeping related videos onto one page. You can just select "Videos" at the top and see the latest videos. Click on any of the thumbnails will start playing the high res version in an overlay.
  • Aquarium Profile: Aquarium's are re-designed now with a much cleaner looking species list and popups over the images. Along with that we've added the order of images through the Edit screen of each aquarium under the photos section.
  • Image Attribution & Thumbnail: We've started pulling photos from Creative Commons licensed sites like Flickr and a few others. You can upload a photo to the species database. Please do not upload anything that is copyright and doesn't allow usage with attribution. If you own or took the picture, then upload away! Along with a revamped photo interface there is now the capability to set the thumbnail from the larger source image.

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clay posted Media Reactors on kla/55-reef-tank
2012-04-13 10:41:34 -0700

We ordered another media reactor today. We'll be setting it up with Phosphate Removal Media to help keep the phosphate levels down. After regular testing over the past few days our phosphate levels have been slowly moving up. This in part because we're experimenting with different foods. Extremely pleased with the results of the Purigen and what it does for nitrates and ammonia it's about time we control nuisance phosphate once and for all. For anyone interested, we ended up getting Two Little Fishies Phosban Phosphate Removal Media 150 g & PhosBan Aquarium Phosphate Reactor 150.

This is the same reactor we are using for the Purigen. Everything should be in next week so we'll update with the results both aesthetically on nuisance algae and water parameters.

clay posted Multiple Filtration Strategy on kla/55-reef-tank
2012-04-09 09:57:28 -0700

I find myself discussing with fellow hobbyists how they filter their fish tanks. Everyone has a different strategy that they swear by but each ultimately isn't perfect. The idea overall is pretty simple, you want to export waste and debris out of the tank that you're introducing in through by feeding your fish. When the design for the reef tank started, there were a few discussions on how it will be filtered. The guys at the local saltwater store swore by a protein skimmer and canister as all you need. The refugium is another common filtration system. There is the deep sand bed, and even chemical products like seachem purigen. The entire stand needed to be designed, plumbing installed, and lifestock planned out and filtration is a semi-permanent choice for the aquarium. I found myself looking at all these different options whilst at the same time watching various marine programs on NOVA, Animal Planet, and other cable programs to really get a good glimpse of the natural habitat.

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clay posted Low Phosphate Fish Food on kla/55-reef-tank
2012-03-27 11:29:54 -0700

I am on my second reef tank after my recently retired nano and I'm still learning a lot about the ecosystem. I welcome all information on all things aquatics to help build my understanding of the system. I came across a post, Aquarium Chemistry: Phosphate And Math: Yes You Need To Understand Both today which offered a really in depth look at the nutrients and phosphates going into the aquarium. The information was thoroughly researched with a lot of supporting data behind it.

Some aquarists are under the misconception that eaten foods do not
contribute to the free phosphate in the water. Many aquarists are told
the mantra of feeding only as much as is eaten, and they confound this
idea with the assumption that when doing so, one minimizes the phosphate
release. That idea is simply untrue.

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clay posted Discus Guide for Beginners on clay
2012-03-23 12:35:28 -0700


Discus Fish are large cichlids from the Amazon River, its tributaries and flood plains, in South America. First described in 1840 by Dr. Heckel as Symphysodon discus, this name is now in use for the Heckel discus variant. The three "original" color types got their own name, the green Discus Symphysodon aequifasciata aequifasciata, the brown discus Symphysodon aequifasciata axelrodi, and the blue variant Symphysodon aequifasciata haraldi. Discus are social fish and live in large groups in their native waters, and have a very advanced social behavior; they are one of the few real schooling cichlids. Remember always keep this in mind when starting care for discus; always purchase a group of animals. They need the social interaction to develop their character to its fullest.

Discus Fish have a large amount of intelligence and personality. They often rush to the aquarium surface and greet. When your Discus Fish are acclimated to you and their new home they will feed right from your hands, and over time they will come to recognize you and approach the aquarium front when there are owners or family members present...

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