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Chaetostoma ("Bristlemouths") is a genus of suckermouth armored catfishes native to South America with one species extending into Central America. Some species are kept in unheated aquaria. Source: [wikipedia] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaetostoma) In the aquarium _Loricariids_ are popular aquarium fish, where they are often sold as "**plecs**", "**plecos**" or "**plecostomus**". These fish are often purchased because of their algae-eating habits, though this role may not be carried out. Most species are in fact detritivores. A great many species of loricariids are also sold for their ornamental qualities, representing many body shapes and colors. Most species of _loricariids_ are nocturnal and will shy away from bright light, appreciating some sort of cover to hide under throughout the day.