bubble updated Bristlenose Catfish
2013-03-05 15:19:45 -0500
_Ancistrus_ is a genus of freshwater fish in the family _Loricariidae_. Fish of this genus are commonly known as the **bushynose** or **bristlenose plecos**. Ancistrus species show all the typical features of the Loricariidae. This includes a body covered in bony plates and a ventral suckermouth. The feature most commonly associated with the genus are the fleshy tentacles found on the head in adult males; females may possess tentacles along the snout margin but they are smaller and they lack tentacles on the head. Males also have evertible cheek odontodes which are less developed or absent in females. They also lack odontodes along the snout. In comparison with a typical pleco, a bristlenose is typically shorter (15 cm or less), more flattened and fatter with a comparatively wider head. Colouration is typically mottled brown, grey or black. Small white or yellow spots are common. Unlike other plecos which commonly grow to over a foot long, the bristlenose pleco may only grow to half the size, this makes it a suitable species of pleco for the smaller tank.