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2013-03-21 16:07:32 -0400
Also known as the **lyretail coralfish**, the **lyretail anthias** or the **scalefin anthia**, but may be simply known as the **goldfish**. The **sea goldie** is a common sight to scuba divers in the Indian Ocean, and is a typical representative of the subfamily of Anthiinae. Range The sea goldie is found in the western Indian Ocean including the Red Sea, and in the Pacific Ocean as far east as Japan and southeast Australia. It is absent from the Persian Gulf and Oman. Description This species shows marked sexual dimorphism; Female: Length up to 7 cm, orange/gold colour with violet streak below the eye Male: Length up to 15 cm, fuchsia colour with elongated 3rd ray of the dorsal fin, a red patch on the pectoral fin and elongated margins of the tail.