cached posted on klm/a-mantis-in-moon-sand
2013-11-11 15:56:33 -0800

Yeah the color contrast on the black rock will be awesome with a peacock. Try to get some actinics, blue and some uv if you can. Maybe a pendant style light like a small Kessil.

  • klm
    2013-11-13 11:48:10 -0800

    I am def thinking about the Kessil. Also, the tank came with an included filter but it died over the weekend while I was away. I am going to pick up another today.

  • cached
    2013-11-13 16:24:29 -0800

    The shimmer you get from Kessil is like no other light on the market. I'm considering one of their grow lights for my refugium. Could be cool to have a purple glow in the sump area. :D