invert posted on invert/90g-reef
2013-06-23 15:40:21 -0700

Added about 200 dwarf cerith snails. I found yet another hitchhiker crab. This one foiled my feeble attempt to simply net him. I ended up rearranging the tank again trying to find that crab...I didn't find the crab, but the tank design looks way better.

I also added about 10 large nassasrius snails, I lost 2 overnight. One didn't look so hot from shipping. But The upside is I have 8 good ones.

Since adding the rock from the gulf, I am seeing a much wider variety of life in the tank. It is quite fun watching the tank become alive. I've found some stromatella snails coming out the rock and some small bristle worms.

I found the goby's dried husk between the wall and salt container. HE jumped...

I added 2 peppermint shrimp, and then found the first one alive and well. I guess he wanted company. The overnight I lost one. So I have a count of 2. They evidently ate the glass anemone, but not the two aptasia. I'm thinking about trying a copperband butterfly fish. They are cool looking and I only have a few tube worms that popped up on my live rock.

I dunno, I'm going to wait and see. Since there are only 2 I might try Kalk.

  • clay
    2013-06-28 12:56:42 -0700

    I added some rocks I picked up in Miami into my tank that I pulled out of a shallow pool there and it's really added a ton of biodiversity in my tank including a few smaller snails that reproduce in the tank which makes me happy.