invert posted on invert/90g-reef
2015-11-27 17:16:07 -0800

2 years have passed. A neck injury kept me from maintaining the tank like it needed. All in all it is not too bad. Hair algae got way out of control. I'm slowly bringing that back into line. Not as bad as it could have been, for not doing any water changes for the past year. I think that is a testament to the Apex automation + the auto-doser.

Sadly, I lost several inhabitants, but oddly the corals seemed to have thrived. My losses were fish and snails mostly. I've cranked up the Mg to around 1600, I'm going to keep it there until the algae is gone.

I've had thoughts of restarting the tank, but I keep thinking about all the $$$ and time that has went into it. Tough decision.