invert posted on invert
2013-07-13 19:37:03 -0700

Monday...Monday...Monday...Fracking Monday! I came home Monday to find my skimmer pump not working. Oh noes! I went through the club and found a dealer in town and he said he doesn't have any in stock and it's been three weeks since his order went in and that he expects a shipment next week.

Fast forward to today. I was really worried about running without a skimmer. Can I tell? Yes I can. My nitrates have started to climb. 5ppm for now. I've prepped a 30% water change, that would be a week early and about 10% more water than I would normally do. Who says skimmers don't work. I've had effectively 0 ppm for months.

The up side is my macro algae is beginning to take off big time and my Zoas seem brighter in color. Could I have skimmed too hard before?

I did a check on params and this is what they looked like:
Salinity = 1.025 (this is where I keep it)
Ph = 8.0 (I know a little low)
Ammonia = 0
Nitrite = 0
Calcium = 440
dKh = 10
Phosphate = 0
Nitrates = 5ppm
Magnesium = 1470

so you see, everything is pretty much on target. I've been watching a couple pumps on ebay, I'll snag one if I need to. I holding for now.

  • kla
    2013-07-17 21:58:09 -0700

    I've actually been skimmerless for over a year on my 55 reef but finally picked one up a couple of months ago just to be on the safe side.

  • invert
    2013-07-18 19:05:17 -0700

    The pump arrived today. I put it in and online. About 3-4 hours later, I went upstairs, as I arrived at the top of the stairs, I glanced through the length of the tank and noticed the water was significantly clearer, If there was any doubt the skimmer works, there isn't any now.