JDH posted on jdh/nitoralis-retired
2013-03-28 12:37:15 -0700

Okay people, we have diatoms! They are all hanging out on the back and top of my rock. There are none to be seen at the front of the scape, or on the sandbed? Strange...

  • klm
    2013-03-29 10:16:33 -0700

    I have been doing some research prep for when I switch over to sw & I actually just read something about this. The article said that diatoms were a normal occurrence for new tanks & most likely caused by lack of filtration or overuse of lighting. Not sure if either applies in your instance.

    Someone with experience with this might be able to provide more insight & tips on how to address but I thought I'd share what I read :)

  • JDH
    2013-03-29 11:07:49 -0700

    Thanks klm. From what I have researched, it is mostly from silicates either in the sand (most common) or the rock. I have also increased my photo period, which i'm sure helped to contribute to that. It seems to generally occur at the end of a cycle. I am not bothered by them, in fact quite excited as it is a visual indication that my cycle is complete (which is also evident from my testing see Logs) After time passes they should "starve out" after the silicates are used up. I'll keep everyone posted. :)

  • kla
    2013-04-01 14:33:14 -0700

    Yeah, diatoms are normal after a cycle. Same thing happened with me. What is your current photo period?

  • JDH
    2013-04-01 15:06:13 -0700
    deleted 2013-04-01 15:06:59 -0700
  • JDH
    2013-04-01 15:06:49 -0700

    My photo period looks like this (Channel A is essentially 'White' and Channel B is 'Blue'):

    Time - A - B
    7:00am 0% 1%
    10:00am 10% 20%
    1:00pm 30% 30%
    4:00pm 10% 20%
    7:00pm 0% 20%
    10:00pm 0% 0%