Don't fret if you haven't gotten that perfect picture yet--you have all of the day today and tomorrow to capture it & get it posted.

All you have to do to get entered is:
*Take an amazing photo
*Create your profile on http://aquarist.me or login & upload the photo to your aquarium or our species database if you are already a member
*Share your photo to http://reddit.com/r/ReefTank to get votes
-There is a link button on the bottom right of each photo when you zoom into it (eg. http://aquarist.me/kla/55-reef-tank/photo/621)
-From the photo's permalink, submit it to Reddit at the top right corner of the page

The highest upvoted photo linked to r/ReefTank from aquarist.me from now until the clock strikes midnight est tomorrow pm will be crowned Winner! Good luck!!