luckyink updated Acropora Desalwii
2014-07-17 10:27:41 -0400
The Acropora desalwii coral makes a stunning addition to the reef aquarium. This compact tabling Acropora species is commonly a bright creamy yellow with green polyps and purple or blue tips. The desalwii will certainly become a favorite in a reef aquarium. The Acropora desalwii does best in good water quality, moderate to strong intermittent water flow, and moderate to strong lighting. For good growth rate and overall health, a high pH, alkalinity, and calcium level must be maintained with little to no phosphates and nitrates. If ideal conditions are provided, the desalwii will grow moderately and can be propagated by cutting fragments. Acropora corals receive the majority of their nutrients from photosynthesis, but will benefit from the addition of various types of phytoplankton and zooplankton.