mwhuge posted on mwhuge/rimless-pico-reef
2013-10-25 17:10:43 -0700

This is an old display tank from my LFS. I'm setting it up to experiment with different techniques and equipment. The plan is to frag some of the colonies from my main tank and compare.

In my first run with this tank, I used an Aqua Euro Nano II skimmer in the sump's first stage, and fine sand + chaeto and rubble in the refugium. Things seemed to do really well.

This time I'm trying out Miracle Mud in the fuge w/o a skimmer.

I'm using dry rock, dry sand, and Brightwell Microbacter7 during cycling. I've added some mysis left over from today's feeding to help get things rolling.

  • kla
    2013-10-30 18:16:57 -0700

    How often do you plan on doing water changes? I've been considering doing a little pico tank myself.