Sebastion64 updated Cockatoo Waspfish
2015-08-20 16:22:51 -0700
A fish originating from protected areas of the reef with sandy bottoms and limited wave action, the Cockatoo waspfish naturally hops along these areas hunting small shrimp and most other small crustaceans (that means it will eat ornamental shrimp that will fit in its mouth). While it is used to sandy bottoms it very easily adapts to climbing live rock and will not restrict itself to the sand bed. However, due to its body shape and general physiology it does have issues in really strong current and so that should be avoided or at the very least turned off during its more active hours. When on the hunt it will often sway like a piece of kelp and use it fins to angle itself to align its mouth with its prey. While it is peaceful with its tank mates, except those of the same gender of its species, and generally just ignores them it is advised to not keep them with more aggressive eaters as it will have a hard time getting food. While they are not the best swimmers, partly due to the lack of a swim bladder, and can seem timid once trained they are amazing eaters and will readily eat frozen foods such as mysid shrimp. If they do not initially take food when introduced try different methods, make sure to have the food descend to them (their mouth is angled that way) and try feeding when the lights are off instead.